Services and Prices

Full board in Barn $450 Includes all feed, hay, shavings, cleaning and feeding services

Pasture board $350 Includes all feed, hay and feeding services

Broodmare boarding $350 a month(pasture only, hay and grain included) up until month 9, dry mare

Broodmare boarding $500 month (hay and grain and shavings included) Cameras available, months 10, 11 and post foaling until weaning.

Camera watching and attending foaling $300

Paddock Self Care $100 Space and water is the only thing included

Barn Self Care $150 Stall with run and water is the only thing included

Feeding $1 Feeding a self care horse, per feeding with owners feed

Cleaning $5 Cleaning a self care stall/paddock/run

Grain $75 Providing Grain for a self care horse

Lesson $40 On one of my horses

Lesson $25 On your horse or on a horse you are leasing from me

Lesson $250 Unlimited lesson deal for your horse or a leased horse

Farrier $70 Trim

Farrier $90 Front Shoes

Farrier $115 Full set of Shoes

Deworming $10

Day Fee $50 Per day per person/horse at shows

Hauling 0.40 Per horse. (Subject to change based on price of fuel)

Banding $30 For horses not roached(roaching is free)

Braiding $60 For horses not banded or roached

Training $250 Full training/5 days per week. No board included.

Leasing $450 Full lease, no lessons included, have exclusive use of horse

Leasing $250 1/2 lease, have use of horse 3 days a week. No lessons included.

Discount $75 Cleaning of stall/run at least 3 days a week

Discount $150 Cleaning of stall/run at least 6 days a week

Discount $75 Providing Grain for a boarded horse

Discount $100 Providing hay for a boarded horse

Misc Things bought for your horse will be passed through to you- blankets, sheets, supplements, etc.